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1917 World War I Plane on Display

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Birds, Blooms and Bugs
Through May 4, 2014
Level 2 display areas
*Exhibition also in Terminal 2

The Lookout, Texas Green Jay With an abundance of feathered creatures, colorful flowers and intriguing insects, the world is alive with inspiration for artists. This exhibition features a diversity of artwork by 63 Arizona artists from 22 cities around the state.

Artists have taken various approaches using a variety of media to depict realistic and specific or imaginary and fanciful representations of Birds, Blooms and Bugs. Some have captured their subject with photography spending many hours waiting for the exact moment, lighting and composition. Others have scientific interests, enjoying birding and entomology. While all like the pure aesthetics of nature and have fun interpreting it through art.

Whether real or imagined, drawn, painted, sculpted or photographed, the artwork in this exhibition provides an intimate look at the natural world from the artist’s perspective.

Art Caption:
Mary Dove, The Lookout, Texas Green Jay, 2012, watercolor, 32 x 24

Image Caption for the photo above and to the right:
Carol Ann Schrader, Delicate Balance, 2011, watercolor, 29 x 37”

Same Difference
Terminal 3, Level 1 Display Cases (2)

Teapot Artists create art by utilizing and combining the elements of art: line, shape, form, value, space, color and texture. These building blocks of art are the ingredients artists use in art-making to visually communicate their idea. The elements can also be used to visually describe and analyze what an artist has done.

This exhibition presents artworks from the Phoenix Airport Museum’s vast and diverse art collection placed in groups based on their visual relationships. Each group contains both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works and various media. Although each group combines art of dissimilar materials and sizes, the pieces share a common art element such as color, shape or texture. It’s the Same Difference.

Art Caption:
Barry Barnes, Teapot, ©1997, ceramic, 13 x 10 x 3”

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