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1917 World War I Plane on Display

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Wings and Wheels
Artwork from the Airport’s Collection
May 24 – October 19, 2014
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 3, level 2, three display cases

The Martins Getting from one place to another more efficiently and faster has always been one of man’s pursuits. Wheels are used on bicycles and cars to move us quickly. Inspired by birds in flight, wings are used on planes and jets to transport us even swifter.

Artists are inspired by movement as well and incorporate wings and wheels into their art for numerous reasons. It may be the mystery or beauty of flight or the romance or nostalgia of travel.

This exhibition features artworks from the Airport’s diverse collection of over 900 pieces in a variety of media. The paintings, sculptures, photographs and fine art prints on display all depict wings, wheels, flight or travel. Whether it is a tricycle or jet airplane, Wings and Wheels take us places.

Image Caption:
Margie Crisp, The Martins, 1999, lithographic print, 25 x 20”

Wood: Turning to Art
April 26 – November 9, 2014
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 3, Levels 1 and 2, three display cases

Maple Burl Woodturning is a method of shaping wood using stationary tools and a spinning lathe. Wood is highly prized as an artistic medium because of its many unique colors, grain patterns, and textures. Artists play upon the vast variety of wood qualities to create one-of-a-kind works of art.

This summer, the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) will be holding their 28th Annual International Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona. The symposium is the largest international gathering of woodturners and will feature numerous workshops, exhibitions, auctions, and presentations for both artisans and the general public.

In celebration of the symposium, this exhibition presents the work of 18 Arizona artists that showcase a variety of techniques and methods of this art form. They employ techniques such as joinery, inlay and hand – carving and often incorporate various surface treatments such as embellishments, high gloss finish and richly colored pigments. Whether it was reclaimed from a firewood pile, or sourced from a native species or an imported colorful exotic, it is all Wood Turning to Art.

Image Caption for the photo above and to the right:
J. Paul Fennell, Les Sept Mers (The Seven Seas), 2013, African sumac, 7 x 7.5” diam.

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Les Sept Mers (The Seven Seas)

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