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Finding the Beauty in Construction
Photographs by Craig Smith

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 4, Level 3, center wall south
January 18 – August 31, 2014

Evening, Supports for taxiway bridge at South 41st Street The PHX Sky Train® opened in spring of 2013 making it easier for travelers to get to Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4 from the Valley Metro Light Rail and East Economy Parking. The conception and construction of this massive undertaking took years of planning and building.

The driverless electric train runs on an elevated guideway that goes over an active taxiway; the first in the world. The columns supporting the guideway are as deep under the ground as they are tall; up to 125’. The bridge over the taxiway alone took 3,000 cubic yards of concrete; about 45,000 wheelbarrows.

For two years (2010 – 2011), photographer Craig Smith documented the PHX Sky Train® project. He photographed the endeavor at various stages, at different times of day and from different directions. Using his artistic expression he found the beauty in construction.

Image Caption:
Craig Smith,September 13, 2010, Evening, Supports for taxiway bridge at South 41st Street, photograph, 24x 16”

Pictured above and to the right.
Image Caption:
Craig Smith,September 17, 2010, Evening, looking east at the Terminal 4 parking garage from the PHX Sky Train® guideway, photograph, 17x 24”

The Beat Goes On
Percussion Instruments from
Musical Instrument Museum April 5 – October 5, 2014
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 4, Level 2, two display cases

 Tsam Rhythm is everywhere—from the pattern of rain on a roof to the metered click of a traffic signal to the quiet beating of our own hearts. Commonly referred to as “the backbone” or “the heartbeat” of a musical ensemble, percussion can drive the rhythm of our music.

Percussion instruments are played around the world in distinctive ways and in a variety of settings. Frequently constructed by local instrument makers with materials readily available, they come in an infinite range of shapes and sizes. They are fundamental to music, dance, religious expression, rituals, military activity and civic celebrations.

This exhibition features drums, gongs and cymbals on loan from the Musical Instrument Museum in north Phoenix. They come from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania. The endless variety of instruments that are sounded by being struck, scraped, or rubbed by hand or beater is evidence that The Beat Goes On.

See accompanying videos to this exhibition courtesy of the Musical Instrument Museum

Image Caption:
Guinea, Mamadou Bailo, maker, Figurative Drum, late 20th c., wood, leather cord, cow skin, paint, 39 x 18 x 20”

Image Caption:
Mongolia, unknown maker, Tsam, 20th c., bronze, textile, 2.5 x 13.5” diam.

The Enduring American Legend
Art from Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Terminal 4, Level 3, gallery
March 15 – September 14, 2014

Kaibab Reflection The mythic American West of the 19th century has seduced people for over a hundred years and traditional Western art has helped to perpetuate that myth. Cowboys and ranching, Native American culture and beautiful Western landscapes have all been and continue to be attractive subjects for artists and viewers alike.

Some of these artists were drawn to the West looking for adventure and others had an affinity for the subject matter having spent time on ranches either working or visiting. Their paintings, bronze sculptures, and prints are testament to a lifestyle and scenery that still exists in the American West today.

This exhibition celebrates America’s Western heritage with a selection of artworks from the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, Arizona. Whether romanticized, contemporary or timeless, the themes of these artworks all preserve The Enduring American Legend.

Image Caption:
Mahaffey – Merril Mahaffey, Kaibab Reflection, 2006, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40”

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Figurative Drum

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