Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would like to pick up my family member at their gate. Is it possible to get an escort pass so I can go behind security without a ticket?
  2. Most airlines will issue an escort pass which will allow you to go through security to pick up an underage or disabled relative. We recommend that you contact the airline well in advance of arrival in order to be issued the escort pass. See airline contact information.

  3. I lost something while traveling through the Airport. Who do I contact to see if it has been turned in?
  4. The answer to your question depends on where you believe you lost your item. Find out more.

  5. I have a long layover. How can I spend my time?
  6. We offer many shops, restaurants and a museum. Read an article to learn more about what to do or visit our Shops & Restaurants page to help you locate what might be interesting to you.

  7. My flight leaves very late in the evening. Will any restaurants or shops be open?
  8. Generally, at least one eatery is available before the first boarding and the last departure. However, there are some exceptions due to the frequency of airlines changing their schedules. At least one-pre-security eatery is open 24 hours a day in each terminal. See a map of what terminals have which shops and restaurants.

  9. Iíd like to work at the airport. Are there any job openings?
  10. Please visit our Jobs page.

  11. Are there any lockers available at the airport for me to store my luggage?
  12. Due to federal security restrictions imposed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we do not have any storage lockers at the Airport. We recommend that you check with the airline you are flying to see how early you can check in your luggage or other items. This time requirement varies among the different airlines. Some airlines work with a local storage company that could provide the service you are looking for. Please contact your airline to see what service they provide. View airline information.

  13. I would like to watch planes taking off and landing. Is there an observation area where I can do this?
  14. We do not have a formal observation deck, but you are able to view planes from the roof of Terminal 4 parking garage. Take the elevator to level 9. If you plan to take photographs, please let us know when you plan to visit the airport so we can notify our Operations Division. Enjoy!

  15. I would like to hold a business meeting at the airport. Are there rooms available?
  16. Yes, the airport does have conference rooms for lease through one of our concessionaires, HMS Host. These rooms are located pre-security. Please contact Terry Doolittle with HMS Host at for room rental pricing and availability.

  17. Do you have charging stations so I can plug in my laptop and iPad?
  18. Customers who bring their own charging cords are able to access electrical outlets. Electronic charging stations including USB electric ports are available throughout the Airport. Find out more.

  19. Is there anywhere I can take a shower?
  20. We do have very limited shower facilities. In Terminal 4 on the east end of Level 1 (baggage claim), the ladies and men's restrooms each have one shower stall. There is no fee for the use of these stalls. These are the only public showers in the Airport. All of our family restrooms have showers, but they are not intended for use by the general public. They are for people with special needs or passengers who are traveling with small children who have an unexpected need for shower facilities.

  21. I want to know more about Sky Harborís history, how it got its name and what happened to Terminal 1.
  22. Visit our History section to find out all about Sky Harborís fascinating history.

  23. I collect memorabilia from airports around the world. Can you send me a Sky Harbor Airport souvenir?
  24. Due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to have any souvenirs or giveaways to send. However, you are welcome to purchase Arizona souvenirs in our retail shops. See what shops are in each terminal.

  25. My flight leaves very early in the morning. How early can I check in?
  26. Generally, ticket counters begin service two hours before the first scheduled flight. It is recommended you check with your respective airline for the most accurate information. View airline information.

  27. Where can I learn more about what I can and canít bring in my carry-on?
  28. For information about the TSAís carry-on policy and other important information, visit our Travel Tips section.

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