PHX SkyTrain® - Facts

Opening Stages:

  • Stage one, between Valley Metro Light Rail, East Economy parking, and Terminal 4 opened in the spring of 2013 and is 1.7 miles long
  • Stage 1a will open in early 2015, continuing from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3 for .7 miles, with a short walkway to Terminal 2
  • In the future, Stage 2 will extend the PHX SkyTrain® an additional 2.5 miles to the Rental Car Center

Train Information:

  • It takes 3 minutes to travel from the 44th Street station to East Economy Parking and another 2 minutes to Terminal 4
  • Trains run continuously in both directions and arrive as frequently as every 3 minutes at an average speed of 23 mph, but up to 38 mph
  • 18 train cars are assembled into 2 or 3 car trains
  • Each car holds 53 passengers
  • The driverless train runs on an electrically powered, center-rail guideway and facilities are Gold LEED certified

Economic Impact & Funding:

  • The total estimated project cost of $1.58 Billion is paid for with airport revenues and passenger fees (no local tax dollars); $644 Million for Stage 1, $240 Million for Stage 1a, and remaining funds for Stage 2
  • Stages 1 and 1a construction will employ nearly 8,000 people
  • About 2.5 million passengers are expected to ride the train the fi rst year (7,000/day)and 14 million per year when Stage 2 opens (40,000/day)
  • Find out more about PHX SkyTrain® Funding

Other Information:

  • The 44th Street and T-4 stations are air conditioned. The East Economy station is outdoors, with shade and fans to cool passengers during their short wait
  • All inter-terminal, Valley Metro Light Rail connection and most parking buses will be eliminated in 2015. Rental Car Center buses will remain until Stage 2 is completed
  • First mass transit system in the world to cross over an active taxiway
  • The bridge over the taxiway is high enough to allow a 747 to pass underneath; 90 feet above the taxiway and 125 feet above the ground
  • The columns supporting the guide-way are as deep under the ground as they are tall; up to 125 feet
  • The taxiway bridge alone took 3,000 cubic yards of concrete – the equivalent of 45,000 wheelbarrows
  • The PHX SkyTrain® is also environmentally friendly

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