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1917 World War I Plane on Display

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Steampunk: The Exquisite Adventure
November 8, 2014 – June 21, 2015
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 3, Level 2, display cases

Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination that combines science fiction, history and art. It includes literature, artwork, music, film, design, and for some, a lifestyle.

Artisans reimagine modern technologies as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics, most often with the backdrop of the Victorian era. However, in the spirit of fantasy and time-travel there is artistic freedom to create Medieval, Wild West, Industrial/Modern or an alternative world which is known as the Steampunk genre.

The “Steam” in Steampunk was inspired by the extravagantly inventive age of steam-powered machines, dirigibles, brass diving bells and analog computers. The “punk” in “Steampunk” typifies going against convention through creativity and making a declaration of one’s individuality through style, gadgets and attitude.

It is the story and thus the characters that drive the artwork of Steampunk. Alter egos are created in costumes complete with top hats, waist coats, corsets and bustles with accompanying gear. Steampunk projects aspire to make something elegant out of random “bits and bobs”: creating brass goggles, wings made with pulleys, steam-powered gadgets, clockwork pendants or a ray gun dangling at the hip.

The Steampunk artist is on an Exquisite Adventure of intrigue and discovery in a world of their own making.

Steampunk: The Exquisite Adventure was originally co-curated by Scottsdale Public Art (SPA) Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Wendy Raisanen, and artist and Steampunk enthusiast Susan Rubin.

Scottsdale Public Art (SPA), in partnership with the Scottsdale Public Library, presents exhibitions and educational programming in the gallery in the Scottsdale Civic Center Library that strengthens awareness of the arts and stimulates community dialogue. The 2500 square foot gallery provides ample space for SPA to bring engaging artistic, visual, and educational experiences to the public—building community through free, accessible, quality exhibitions. The gallery is also used as a gathering space for informative and participatory events such as artist talks, lectures, and workshops.

Photo caption for photo above:
Nola Yergen, Copperhead Kate, 2013, life-size costume, image by Steven Goldstein

Glassmakers from the Arizona Glass Alliance
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,
Terminal 3, Levels 1 and 2, three display cases
Through May 31, 2015

Glass is an amazing and versatile material. It has been with us for thousands of years, and yet shows no signs of being exhausted in its possibilities or its surprises as an art form. Its translucency, colors and brilliance add to its allure.

For artists, there are many techniques and approaches to working with glass as an art medium. Hot working methods include blowing molten glass into shapes, slumping it in a kiln over a mold, heating and fusing it with a torch and casting it into a mold. Cold working methods include carving, sculpting, sand blasting and assembling. Glass artists often combine multiple techniques in one artwork.

This exhibition features artworks by members of the Arizona Glass Alliance (AGA). The AGA, a nonprofit group, promotes the knowledge, appreciation and support of studio art made from glass. They create opportunities to educate their members and the public through events and outreach.

Photo caption for photo above:
Laurie Nessel, Desert Milkweed with Monarchs, (detail), 2013, flame-worked soda lime glass, 20 x 8 x 3 inches

Photo caption for photo at right:
Lynn Gustafson, Deep Water, 2014, fused and slumped glass, 7 x 15 inches

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