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31st AED Save on Heels of 30th Save Reunion with Rescuers

Just as Sky Harbor was announcing the recent reunion of the man who marked the 30th Airport AED (Automated External Defibrillator) save with his rescuers, AED save number 31 occurred.

On Sept. 6 at 8:30 a.m. after a passenger collapsed near Gate 4 of Terminal 4, several good Samaritans, including a Phoenix Airport Bureau police officer, a U.S. Airways manager, and two private citizens (one an off-duty paramedic) came to the assistance of the 61-year-old man.

A shock from an Airport AED was administered, followed by chest compressions. A short time later, the man regained consciousness and was responsive when he was transported to a local hospital and later released.

Late last week, an Australian visitor who was the 30th AED save at Sky Harbor last month expressed his appreciation to some of the people who helped save his life just before returning home on a flight from Terminal 2 on Sept. 2

Phillip Jansen (pictured above and at right) met his rescuers and heard the details of what happened to him on the night of Aug. 11 when he collapsed after arriving at Sky Harborís Terminal 3 on a flight from Dallas, Texas.

Jansen, who had no recollection of the events, listened as Phoenix Airport Bureau Police Officers Rich Shoemaker and Dan Fulton and Transportation Security Administration Officers Jess Kaarup and Ray Cicchitto (see photos above) recounted the events.

The Phoenix police officers, the TSA agents, a Skycap and an off-duty nurse came to Jansenís rescue after his collapse then used an AED located nearby to revive him. The AED was used three times on Jansen in addition to the administering of CPR.

Jansen was then transported to the hospital by Phoenix Firefighters. Doctors at the hospital commended those involved, saying that their quick actions saved Jansenís life.

The survivor was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet some of his rescuers and to thank them personally. In appreciation, Jansen presented the officers with a cake.

The use of the AED to save Jansenís life and those of others, including the 61-year-old on Sept. 6, attests to the importance of AEDs. Celebrating its 10-year AED anniversary earlier this year, Americaís Friendliest Airportģ boasts AEDs located throughout the facility for use in emergency situations involving cardiac arrest.

There are more than 85 AEDs available at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Phoenix Deer Valley and Phoenix Goodyear airports, located in various public spaces and employee work areas.

Additionally, some officers with the Phoenix Police Airport Bureau and Phoenix Firefighters carry AEDs on their bicycles and most airliners are also equipped with the devices. More than 2,000 Airport employees and volunteer Navigators have been trained to properly use AEDs and administer CPR when the need arises.

Updated: 9/6/2011

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