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US Airways Employee Recognized for Save

A US Airways employee whose quick actions and motivation saved the life of another employee last August was recognized during an event at Sky Harbor on June 2. Five-year employee, Stephan Mueller, a Customer Service Agent, was presented with the Hero Award, which is given to those who respond to a sudden cardiac arrest event.

A sudden cardiac arrest can strike at any time. It is caused when the heart’s electrical system malfunctions and the heart stops beating. It is not the same as a heart attack, which is caused by a blockage. In fact, sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States, and according to Vicki White, Chapter Leader for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) - East Valley-Phoenix Chapter, someone dies of sudden cardiac arrest every two minutes.

At the June 2 Hero Award event, White pointed out that CPR and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can save lives just like the life that Mueller saved.

“You are truly a hero among us,” White said.

Mueller was not only recognized by US Airways and the SCAA, but by the employee’s family. Unfortunately, while Mueller’s actions saved the employee, he passed away late last year. His widow attended the event to thank Mueller for his efforts in saving her husband’s life and giving him more time with his family. Mueller was presented with a pocket-watch used by the employee.

“I am extremely honored,” Mueller said. “I am glad that I was able to give him a few more months with his family. I would also like to encourage everyone to take CPR. Bystander CPR is very important to know if you are ever in a situation like I was in.”

In fact, Mueller worked with fellow US Airways staff to get free CPR training offered to employees. White and volunteers from the Girl Scouts and local SCAA were on-site to provide not only demonstrations of how to perform CPR and use an AED, but to also provide free training to employees. This is the first time that SCAA has partnered with US Airways to provide training.

June 1 to 7 has been designated CPR/AED Awareness week by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to stress the importance of knowing CPR and how to use an AED in an effort to increase the number of survivors from sudden cardiac arrest.

There have been 28 AED saves at Phoenix Sky Harbor. To find out more about sudden cardiac arrest or training available through the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, click here.

To see additional pictures from the event and CPR demonstration, click here.

First posted: 6/3/2011

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