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Latest Parking Promotion Saves You Money on Thanksgiving Travel

Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? If so, youíre in luck as Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers another valuable parking coupon.

The November parking promotion offers 40% off the full day rate at any of the terminal parking garages from November 16 - 30, 2011. This means that you can conveniently park in a covered area and walk right into the terminal to catch your flight. It is quick and easy.

To get this coupon, click here and download it (you only need one coupon, even for multiple days). The coupon is for 40% off the daily rate of $25 which means that you will not pay more than $15 a day with the coupon during this November parking promotion. Please note this coupon is not valid in the Terminal 2 Economy Garage section, but is valid in the Terminal 2 Daily section of the garage ($25 daily rate).

It is important to remember that when you use your coupon exiting the parking garage you must use one of the lanes with a parking attendant as coupons arenít valid in the Credit Card Only lanes. You can still pay with a credit card, but you must go to a lane with an attendant. Also, customers can enter the garage prior to November 16 and stay past November 30; however, the discount is only valid during the days of November 16-30.

This exciting discount will not only save you money on your November travels, but it makes it easier and more convenient for you to park at the Airport. For parking tips, availability and maps, click here. Or, call our 24-hour parking hotline at 602-273-4545.

First published: November 10, 2011

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