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New Travelex Card Provides Convenience for Making Purchases Abroad

Travelex at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is pleased to introduce a new product, the chip & PIN Cash Passport™ MasterCard. This Travelex chip & PIN Cash Passport is actually a prepaid foreign currency card that provides convenience and safety for the overseas traveler.

Travelers can purchase the Travelex chip & PIN Cash Passport at the two Travelex branches in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport or at other select Airport branches.

What are the benefits of using these cards? Travelex touts it as a convenient way to manage your budget when traveling overseas as travelers pre-load their funds onto the card before leaving home. These cards can be used at ATMs, shops and restaurants worldwide wherever the MasterCard symbol is displayed. The prepaid foreign currency cards are available in Euros and British Pounds.

These cards provide extra elements of safety by not being connected to the cardholder’s bank account. Travelers also use a PIN or personal identification number to complete chip-based transactions and the cards are signature protected which means that the risk of identity theft is lowered in the event the card is lost or stolen. If merchants overseas are not yet using this new chip and PIN technology, the cards do also contain a magnetic stripe so that they are still able to be used. In the event of an emergency such as a lost or stolen card, Travelex Card Services will provide emergency cash up to the available balance on the card, free replacement cards and help with the lost cards.

Travelers can also reload funds onto their cards. Therefore, these cards provide an easy way for travelers to pay overseas without the hassles of carrying cash or using travelers checks. For more information on the fees associated with this card, please visit the Travelex website.

The two Travelex locations at Phoenix Sky Harbor are both in Terminal 4. One is pre-security on the East End of level 3 and the other is past security near the B Checkpoint.

First posted: 01/13/2011

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