Kid-Friendly Flying

Does the thought of traveling with children seem daunting? It doesnít have to be, and it can actually be fun if you come prepared. Here are some helpful tips for traveling with children through Sky Harbor:

  • Always allow enough time so that you donít have to rush and can be prepared for the unexpected. Arrive at the Airport two hours before your flight departs.
  • Have a plan that you communicate with your children beforehand on where they should go if they get separated from you. At Sky Harbor, you can tell them to go to a Navigator (in the purple shirts or jackets), a police officer or an employee with a name-badge.
  • Give the children their own carry-on backpack or small suitcase. This way, they can pack their toys, activity books, etc., so you do not have to carry them. Just remember that when you get to security, they will have to put their luggage through security just as you do.
  • Itís helpful to review the TSAís security requirements beforehand as well. Visit Slip-on shoes make it easier for children to go through security rather than having to unlace and re-tie their shoes.
  • Bring along snacks that your children like. Make sure they are not liquids or gel-like so that they can pass through security.
  • Once you are through security, children will enjoy playing in the play areas. Terminals 2, 3 and 4 offer play areas.
  • Sky Harbor also has shops that cater to children, in case you would like to pick up a special toy or activity for the plane ride.
  • Sky Harbor has Family Friendly Parking spaces in the East Economy Parking area and garage. Spaces are located on the north side of the PHX Sky Trainô East Economy Station as well as on the first levels of East Economy Garages A and B. Travelers should look for signs indicating these spaces.
  • And, what about a child traveling alone? Check with the airline on policies for obtaining a pass to accompany the child all the way to the gate.

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