PHX Sky Train™

Studies show that automated trains are the most efficient way to move people through airports. The PHX Sky Train™ may potentially result in more than 20,000 fewer vehicles per day at the Airport - nearly 20 percent of a day's traffic - and significantly reduce curb congestion and pollution.

Stage One of the PHX Sky Train will transport Airport visitors and employees between METRO light rail, east economy parking and Terminal 4, which serves 80 percent of Sky Harbor’s passengers. Construction will be complete in early 2013. Stage 1a, the extension to the remaining terminals, should be completed by early 2015. Stage Two, which will continue to the Rental Car Center, will be up and running in 2020.

A new gateway to Sky Harbor will be created at 44th Street and Washington. This station is just a short walk in an air conditioned pedestrian walkway from the 44th Street METRO light rail stop. For route details, click here. The elevated train will help relieve traffic jams, reduce wait times, provide hassle-free travel in climate controlled vehicles and connect to the Valley’s light rail and bus systems. Equally important, the PHX Sky Train™ will accommodate our region’s future growth and be a welcomed addition to Sky Harbor’s renowned customer service.

The PHX Sky Train™, free to the public, will run 24-hours with predictable travel times—arriving at stations about every three minutes during peak periods and delivering passengers to their destinations within about five minutes of boarding.

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