Program Offer Period: July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015.

The Aviation Department is offering an international air service development program to encourage new air service between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) and qualified, un-served, international markets.

Airlines that launch new service to qualifying, un-served international markets during the program period will be eligible for marketing reimbursements and landing fee waivers. The proposed program is open to all airlines: new entrants to this market as well as incumbent carriers that introduce new service to PHX. International cities may be combined, as long as there are at least three new, weekly round-trips for one consecutive year.

Marketing Funds Qualifying Intercontinental Routes Qualifying Central & South American Routes Qualifying North American Routes (Canada & Mexico)
3 weekly RT

Months 1-12 -- $600K
Months 12-24--$300K

Months 1-12 -- $500K

Months 1-12 -- $300K

4 weekly RT

Months 1-12 -- $700K
Months 12-24--$400K

Months 1-12 -- $600K

Months 1-12 -- $400K
5+ weekly RT

Months 1-12 -- $1M
Months 12-24 -- $500K

Months 1-12 -- $700K

Months 1-12 -- $500K

  Qualifying Intercontinental Routes Qualifying North, Central & South American Routes
Landing Fee Waiver Months 1-12 Months 1-6


  1. Any nonstop international market not being served is considered qualified subject to the following:
    1. Neither the airline proposing the un-served route nor any corporate affiliate has served said route for the prior 12 months.
    2. A market is considered already served if any airport within 60 miles of the destination airport has service. For example, London Gatwick service to PHX would not qualify for this program if there is already service from London Heathrow.

  2. All flights must be scheduled (not charter) and operate a minimum of three round trips per week, continuously for a minimum of one year unless they qualify for bundled/seasonal service outlined below in section #3.
    1. Gate space and facilities accommodations for qualifying routes at PHX must be pre-approved in writing by the Phoenix Aviation Department.

  3. Bundling cities and seasonal service may qualify if one full year (365 consecutive days) of new service is announced, with a minimum of three round- trips per week to qualifying cities.
    1. An airline may serve multiple new routes that add up to at least three new round trips, for example, January through June Phoenix to Frankfurt three days per week; July through December, Phoenix to Munich three days per week.
    2. Markets previously served within twelve months of the new service will not qualify for marketing support.

Other Considerations
If multiple airlines are considering the same route, the incentive will go to the carrier that launches service first, not the first to announce service.

In the event of a merger between two airlines, the marketing funds will transfer as long as the service remains in effect.

If the carrier ceases service within the first year, it must reimburse the Aviation Department for all marketing funds disbursed to date.


Airlines which launch at least five times per week for domestic nonstop service and at least three times per week for international nonstop service for the cities listed below to Sky Harbor will be eligible for marketing reimbursements to promote the route(s) of up to $75,000. Airlines which launch at least seven times per week for domestic nonstop service and at least five times per week for international nonstop service to Sky Harbor for the specific cities listed below will be eligible for marketing reimbursements to promote the route(s) of up to $100,000.

The program is open to all airlines for new service added only. Service and frequency must be sustained for a full 12 months to receive this support. Carriers which have served these destinations within the last 12 months are eligible only for additional frequencies.

The program modification allows for marketing support for each route flown to the following cities from Phoenix Sky Harbor. This is available once per route per airline for the first year of service.

Increased Frequencies to Existing Markets:
Raleigh/Durham, New Orleans, Des Moines, Boston, Cleveland, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Toronto and Vancouver

New Domestic Routes Where no Service Exists:
Hartford, Providence, Jacksonville, Manchester, Richmond

New international routes are specified under the New International Nonstop Support section above.

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