US Airways Merges with American Airlines: Could Mean More Flights for Phoenix Sky Harbor

Update: Beginning February 26, all American flights will operate out of Terminal 4

On December 9, AMR Corporation and US Airways Group announced the completion of their merger to officially former American Airlines Group.

Executives at US Airways have publicly stated that they have no intention of giving up their Phoenix passengers, even if they move some administrative jobs out of their Tempe headquarters building. With such a strong demand for air service in Phoenix, Sky Harbor is a significant player in the airport arena and critically important to the industry. US Airways has also indicated that a merger opens up new opportunities for routes and aircraft available to fly to additional domestic and new international destinations. Sky Harbor is hopeful that some of the un-served international routes with strong demand will be at the top of the new airline’s list to serve.

Flight information will continue to be available on the airlines' websites at and

US Airways & American Airlines Press Release

Updated: February 24, 2014

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