CNRP Spring Community Outreach at St. Vincent de Paul

Throughout the history of the Community Noise Reduction Program, CNRP staff and consultants have regularly volunteered personal time and resources to the neighborhoods surrounding Phoenix Sky Harbor. In May, 12 CNRP staff members, along with Aviation Department Director Danny Murphy, Assistant Director Tamie Fisher and Deputy Director Marchelle Franklin, served lunch at St. Vincent de Paul's Henry Unger Dining Room at 1075 W. Jackson Street. Directed by St. Vincent de Paul staff, the CNRP team helped serve more than 700 meals in just over one hour.

The volunteer effort included helping to clean the dining room before and after the meal, which required some good, old-fashioned 'elbow grease' in wielding mops, brooms and rags.

Meal recipients as well as St. Vincent de Paul staff expressed gratitude for the volunteer help, since the community need is pressing for every meal of the day, every day of the year. In turn, CNRP staff gained a deeper appreciation for the important work that St. Vincent de Paul and other service organizations like it do in our neighborhoods, and the positive difference they make in so many lives.

Published: June 3, 2013

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