Exhibitions Mission Statement

The goal of Exhibitions Program is to present temporary high quality educational and entertaining displays that promote Arizona arts and culture in order to link the traveling public to the Arizona community and to provide a positive impression of the state. The exhibitions’ primary focus is to showcase traditional performing, literary and visual arts. Programming also includes architecture, history, archeological and heritage sites. When promoting science, children's and natural history museums the exhibition will include fine arts to exemplify the theme.

Exhibitions will strive to:

  • Reflect Arizona’s cultural community
  • Be eclectic in style and medium
  • Present diverse subject matter
  • Represent the diversity of our artists and cultural heritage
  • Provide opportunities to all artists through open competitions
  • Serve as an extension to museums and their programming
  • Highlight Arizona’s natural and historic places
  • Present information about the lenders
  • Educate about the region, its culture, the artists, the institutions, the artwork, and the process.

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