Phoenix Day School Construction Completed

The SIMS Program earns an “A” for successfully coordinating construction at a year-round school and daycare center! After more than a year of planning and nearly two months of construction, sound mitigation work at Phoenix Day School is complete. Phoenix Day is Arizona’s oldest early education and childcare center - founded in 1915, it is nearly as old as the state of Arizona. The facility has long been in the flight pattern of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and has been severely impacted by airplane noise. In fact, the noise was so loud that classrooms were sometimes disrupted while planes flew overhead. Fortunately, Phoenix Day School was eligible for Sky Harbor’s Sound Insulation and Mitigation Services Program – also known as SIMS.

The SIMS Program determined that Phoenix Day was eligible for windows, doors and ceiling tiles that would help to reduce the level of exterior noise inside the classrooms. However, Phoenix Day is a year round school providing early education programs to children from 6 weeks of age to 5 years. It also provides after school and summer school programs for children up to 12 years old. Additionally, Phoenix Day coordinates several wellness programs and serves as a community distribution center for food boxes to eligible children and the elderly. Coordinating a construction schedule that was not disruptive was the SIMS Program’s highest priority.

SIMS staff and consultants from CSDA Architects worked closely with construction company Caliente Construction and with Phoenix Day administrators to develop a schedule in which all construction was completed over weekends or late in the evening.

Construction began on October 16, 2011, was completed in November 2011 and included:

  • 3 sound reducing exterior double doors
  • 11 sound reducing exterior single doors
  • 46 sound reducing windows
  • 8200 square feet of sound reducing acoustical ceiling tiles

Phoenix Day School’s Executive Director Karyn Parker says, “The completion of the project has resulted in total satisfaction. The staff and children are no longer subjected to interrupted teaching and learning due to the excessive noise created by airplanes flying in the immediate area. Parents have commented on the improvement of the facility due to the windows and doors.”

SIMS Program Manager Mary Beth Thompson says, “We were very happy to be able to make a difference in the learning environment at Phoenix Day School. SIMS is committed to serving the community and this project is an example of the extraordinary coordination between our staff, our consultants, our construction contractor and our customer.”

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