SIMS Construction Complete at Sacred Heart Parish

Music, prayers and conversations are more prevalent sounds heard inside Sacred Heart Church after the Sound Insulation Mitigation Services (SIMS) program assisted with modifications to reduce sounds of aircraft from nearby Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The church is located at 1421 South 12th Street, west of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and inside the airport’s noise contours.

SIMS construction impacted both the sanctuary and fellowship hall, totaling more than 7,480 square feet. Most of the heavy construction was done in July 2012. The work included adding sound reducing exterior doors and windows, new sound reducing acoustical ceiling treatments, new acoustical panels on the walls, new heating/air conditioning units and new lighting.

All of these changes have significantly reduced aircraft noise inside both of the buildings. In fact, the SIMS Program worked to reduce internal noise levels by at least five decibels. In non-technical terms, this could be the difference between conversational background noise in a busy restaurant and a quiet conversation at home.

SIMS worked closely with Sacred Heart's administrative staff to determine a construction schedule that would have the least impact on parishioners and church staff. Taking into account SIMS' design schedule and Sacred Heart's Mass and class schedule, the majority of construction was scheduled during weekdays. However, while construction was at its peak in the sanctuary, Sacred Heart did hold masses at an alternate location for multiple weekends.

The SIMS team took special care when removing and replacing the church’s 24 stained-glass windows, so that sound-reducing, secondary window panels could be installed to reduce the outside noise from entering the sanctuary.

“We were eager to assist Sacred Heart in enhancing the activities that it provides to the community,” said SIMS Program Manager Mary Beth Thompson. “We are committed to the success of our projects and look forward to seeing the benefits provided to the community."

“We appreciated the accelerated timeline for construction and the continuous communication with the SIMS team during construction,” said Parish Life Coordinator Annie Conway.

Sky Harbor pays for SIMS through Airport-generated funds and at times, the program is funded by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants.

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