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Sound mitigation is a set of strategies implemented to reduce the impact of sound produced by aircraft during takeoffs and landings, and during flights over populated areas.


Sound Insulation Mitigation Services (SIMS) is part of the city of Phoenix Aviation Departmentís Community Noise Reduction Program (CNRP), created by the Phoenix City Council in 2002 to serve airport noise impacted communities. SIMS is a voluntary program that represents Sky Harborís ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life for its Airport neighbors by reducing interior noise in eligible structures.

SIMS was implemented to provide sound-reducing treatments to nonresidential structures that were identified in Sky Harborís 2006 Nonresidential Sound Mitigation Services Feasibility Study. SIMS can assist schools, places of worship, and community centers in Phoenix and Tempe built before October 1, 1998 and located within an eligible noise area identified in Sky Harborís Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study.

Photo to the right shows an electrician upgrading an electrical box which is sometimes required.


Once contacted by SIMS, a property owner will need to complete and return the Program Application, Program Agreement, and Aviation Easement to the SIMS office. Next, the SIMS team, consisting of Architects, Contractors, and Acoustical Engineers, will assess and determine the appropriate materials and treatments necessary to achieve the FAAís required sound reduction levels. Some or all of the following may be used in the sound mitigation of each property:

  • Noise reducing exterior doors
  • Acoustical rated windows
  • Secondary roof and/or ceiling applications
  • Interior doors at vestibules
  • Weather stripping around doors
  • Attic insulation
  • Acoustic baffles for vents
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades, where needed


Sky Harbor pays for SIMS through Airport-generated funds and at times, the program is funded by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants.

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