SIMS Successes

Tertulia Pre-College Community Celebrates Major Milestone

On an evening in late August, 2010 the halls of Tertulia, Pre-College Community (Tertulia) were filled with noise, but good noise of conversation and laughter as hundreds of parents, teachers and students joined in celebration to commemorate a major milestone for the city of Phoenix Aviation Department’s Sound Insulation Mitigation Services (SIMS).

SIMS successfully completed construction on Tertulia, the program’s first non-residential property. It was a year-long effort choreographed by the SIMS team, working diligently with the administrative staff of Tertulia and included cooperation from Sun Eagle Corporation and its host of subcontractors. In an effort to least impact the school’s schedule, SIMS began construction work June 2010 and completed on August 23, 2010, just in time for Tertulia’s first day of class that year.

Tertulia's Executive Director Gabriella Ketcham says the sound mitigation improvements symbolized a new beginning for the school and its students. “We’re so appreciative of the program. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude. “

Working diligently with administrative staff at Tertulia, the SIMS team determined design and acoustical treatments most appropriate for the school. Each of the installed treatments were specially ordered and made for Tertulia. These treatments include:

  • New sound reducing exterior windows;
  • New sound reducing exterior doors;
  • New sound reducing ceiling with new lights; and
  • New heating and air conditioning units and duct work.

The SIMS program goal is to create inside environments that allow for easier conversation and encourage development and learning. Most learning in classroom settings involves speaking and listening. Students learn by listening to their instructor and to each other. Numerous studies show that excessive background noise can interfere with speech perception, and consequently, can interfere with learning and impair educational outcomes in the following areas: reading, motivation, language and speech acquisition, and memory. SIMS’ goal is to reduce noise levels by at least five decibels inside each property.

The improvement was very noticeable at Tertulia. “Our classrooms are now so quiet and the mechanical systems installed are much more efficient than what we had before,” says Ketchum. “The difference is amazing”.

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