We Go Above and Beyond for You

If you forgot where you parked your car, locked your keys in your vehicle or have some other minor motorist emergency and you happen to be at Sky Harbor, America’s Friendliest Airport® you are in luck.

Just find a blue parking Assistance Call Box located in Airport parking lots and garages or call our 24-hour parking hotline at (602) 273-4545 and your troubles are over.

Seven days a week, 24-hours per day, you can get FREE assistance just by pressing a button on our Assistance Call Boxes, found near elevators and throughout parking areas or by calling our parking hotline.

Besides helping you find your car and getting your keys out of a locked vehicle, Sky Harbor staff also will provide jump starts and put air in a flat, all for FREE.

There are also emergency buttons on the call boxes that, when pressed, connect you to Airport emergency dispatchers. When a button on the Assistance Call Box is pressed, a two way conversation is initiated and the Communications Center and parking office automatically know the location of the call box being used.

If you have had difficulty gaining access to our facilities or services, let us know. Help us help you by
e-mailing us and telling us what obstacles you have encountered and your suggestions for improvements.

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