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1917 World War I Plane on Display

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Creative Nature
Artworks from the Airport’s Collection
Terminal 3, level 1

Baxter Art Artists draw inspiration from many aspects of nature. Some focus on plant life and landscapes, while others choose to represent animals. Nature sparks each artist’s creativity in different ways. One artist may depict an animal realistically, and another may create an abstract sculpture based on a beautiful landscape. Whether striving to directly emulate nature or choosing to draw inspiration conceptually, artists in this exhibition depict forms of the natural world. They work with clay, paint, ink, bronze, and wood to show their Creative Nature.

Luv'n AZ's Beauty
Through January 2013
Terminal 3, Level 2

Baxter Art It is a theme that comes easy to Arizona artists, the alluring natural beauty of the state. Arizona is best known for its deserts, which are rich in cacti and succulents, but is also home to pine and aspen forests. More than half of the state’s geography is mountain ranges and plateaus which include one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

Inspiration is evident in pictorial art quilts, a fiber art chair, ceramic flora totems, metal and wood sculptures. Eighteen artists from across the state respond to the stunning landscape, unusual plants and remarkable wildlife.

When seen through the eyes of these artists, you too will be Luv’n AZ’s Beauty.

  • Kim Acerra
  • Roger Asay
  • Vicki Bohnhoff
  • Cathi Borthwick
  • Denise Currier
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Linda Engstrom
  • Claire Gimber
  • Nancy Green
  • Sheila Groman
  • Susan Hearn
  • Margit Kagerer
  • Brad Konick
  • Larron Lerdall
  • Sandra Luehresen
  • Kaye Murphy
  • Sharon Richards
  • Margaret Wood

Photo Caption:
Vicki Bohnhof, Arizona Valentine, © 2012, fabric, 55.75 x 41.25”

All Thumbs
Oil paintings by Roberta Hancock
Terminal 3, Level 2

Hancock Art If you are traveling through Terminal 3, check out the newest art exhibition - All Thumbs. During a studio cleaning, Phoenix artist Roberta Hancock was mindlessly being obsessively frugal and cutting scrap museum board into 2” x 2” squares, when she asked herself, “What are you going to do with these, Roberta? Honestly, they’re really only good for little thumbnails.” For artists and computer techies, thumbnails are a sketch of a proposed work of art or a smaller version of an original image. These thumbnails are finished oil paintings with a "thumbwhat" reflective and wry humor often evident in Hancock’s work. There is "thumbthing" for everyone in the 24 thumb-sized paintings that feature a diverse view of thumbs from "thumbplace" in the world. Depicting thumb wear, Hancock sometimes allows her humor to get the best of her.

Birds of a Feather
Woodcarvings by Tony and Darlene Cimador
Through April 7, 2013
Terminal 3, level 2, 3 cases east of Starbucks

Hancock Art It was during retirement that Tony (1926-2006) and Darlene (1928-2010) were able to nurture their passion for creating wildlife sculptures. The artistic duo honed individual skills. Tony hand-carved the basswood and Darlene painted the woodcarvings to realistically represent the bird’s natural coloring. They were active members of the Arizona Woodcarvers Association displaying their artworks at numerous shows in Arizona.

Driven by the desire for realism, the Cimadors researched their subjects by observing and photographing them in the wild, zoos and nature museums. With an attention to detail they worked together for hours to create a single artwork. Side by side, expressing their love of wildlife in wood, the Cimadors were Birds of a Feather.

Photo Caption:
Tony and Darlene Cimador, Northern Cardinal (male), © 1980s, hand-carved, painted basswood, 7.5 x 5 x 3”

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