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Extra Services Available at Sky Harbor

Have you ever arrived at the Airport and realized you want to mail a postcard? Or what if you need to purchase a phone card? Well, not to worry, various stores at PHX Sky Harbor have these services and products available for purchase.

Click here for chargers for phones and other electronic devices.

Stamps can be purchased from the following locations:

Terminal 4:
- Landmark News – Near Gate C12
- US Bank ATM: Level 3, Checkpoint C

Terminal 3:
- Incredibly Arizona – North Concourse
- News Travels Fast – Level 2 Main Lobby (pre-security), North Concourse, and South Concourse
- US Bank ATMs: North Concourse and South Concourse

Phone Cards can be purchased from the following locations:

Terminal 4 stores:
- CNBC News – Near Gate D2
- Desert News & Books – Near Gate B4
- Hudson News – Near Gate B21
- Travelex: Level 3 Near Checkpoint B (pre-security) and near Gate B17

Terminal 3:
- Desert Books – Level 2 Main Lobby (pre-security)

Terminal 2:
- Press Express – Main Lobby
- CNBC News – Near Gates 9-15
- Phoenix Travelmart: Post Security

Have a long flight and just finished your book? Looking for something else to read? PHX Sky Harbor offers several bookstores in the terminals, and some participate in the Read & Return Program. This allows readers to purchase a book and return it for a credit on another book. Find out more information including program details at the following locations:

Terminal 4:
- Desert News & Gifts – B Concourse, near Gate B4
- CNBC News – D Concourse

Terminal 3:
- Desert News & Books – Level 2 Main Lobby (pre-security)

Terminal 2:
- Desert News & Books – Near Gate B7
- Press Express – Main Lobby
- Phoenix TravelMart – Post-Security

For additional information on all shops located at PHX Sky Harbor, be sure to browse the Maps, Food & Shops section of our website or pick-up an Airport Guide at any Information Counter.

Updated: 10/02/2012

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