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December 20, 2011

America’s Friendliest Airport® Offers Free Gift Wrapping, Parking Deals, Travel Tips

Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is ready for the holidays with extra staff and volunteers to serve customers. Every day from now through January 3 will be busy, especially December 23 and 26. Busy days continue as travelers visiting the Valley for the New Year, Insight Bowl and Fiesta Bowl return home. On an average day Sky Harbor serves 90,000-100,000 passengers but this holiday period will average 130,000.

If you are planning to park at the Airport now through January 4, Sky Harbor is again offering a coupon for 40% off the terminal garage rate. Download the coupon from skyharbor.com and park in the terminal garage for just $15 per day, compared to the usual rate of $25. This means no waiting for buses - just drive to your terminal, park, and walk directly to your gate. Upon exiting the parking garage, use one of the lanes with a parking attendant so they may credit you the coupon amount. You may still pay with a credit card, but the Credit Card Only lanes have no attendant to process the coupon. For parking availability, visit http://maps.skyharbor.com/FindASpot/ or call the 24-hour parking information hotline at 602-273-4545.

Sky Harbor is offering free gift wrapping behind security in Terminal 4 near Checkpoints B and C December 20 – 23 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations will go to United Way.

Travel tips for the holidays:

  • Get to Airport two hours before your flight departs, especially if you are parking in economy areas or checking bags.
  • Don’t wrap your gifts – this applies to checked and carry-on bags.
  • If you have questions about security screening contact the Transportation Security Administration at: 866-289-9673 www.tsa.gov or TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov.
  • Liquids and gels must be in 3 oz containers or less for carry-on bags and placed in a zip top bag. Larger quantities of medically necessary liquids are allowed at the discretion of TSA screeners.
  • Bring a snack or meal for the plane. Food may be carried through security and beverages may be purchased past security and brought onto the aircraft.
  • Visit skyharbor.com on your smart-phone to access our mobile website where you can find out what food and shops are near your gate as well as other Airport information.
  • If you park in the Economy Parking lots, look for a sign to scan a QR Code. Use your phone to scan it and you will be sent a note reminding you where you parked.
  • Remove large electronics from your carry-on bags and place them in their own TSA bin.
  • Mark your bags and electronics clearly so you recognize them immediately. Have your claim check or ID ready at baggage claim when you return to Phoenix so that if you are approached by staff, you won’t be delayed looking for this information.
  • Use the free cell phone lots to wait for arriving passengers and avoid circling the terminals.

If you have had difficulty gaining access to our facilities or services, let us know. Help us help you by
e-mailing us and telling us what obstacles you have encountered and your suggestions for improvements.
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