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June 15, 2011

PHX Sky Train™ to Reach All Terminals, Nearly 6 Years Earlier Than Planned

Stage 1 of the PHX Sky Train will open in 2013, running from the 44th Street Metro Light Rail, to East Economy Parking and Terminal 4. A continuation to the other terminals and the Rental Car Center was not scheduled to open until 2020. On June 15, the Phoenix City Council approved connecting with all terminals by early 2015, nearly six years earlier than planned. The extension to the remaining terminals is referred to as Stage 1a.

The Stage 2 extension to the Rental Car Center is still scheduled for late 2020.

Mayor Phil Gordon was thrilled about the vote, saying, “This will bring tremendous convenience to our travelers, create nearly two thousand additional jobs in Phoenix and bring $2.2 million in construction sales taxes to the City.”

Stage 1a Fast Facts

  • The train will continue from the Terminal 4 station to a Terminal 3 station for .6 miles. From Terminal 3 a short walkway will take passengers to Terminal 2.
  • All inter-terminal, Metro connection and most parking buses will be eliminated in 2015. Rental Car Center buses will remain until 2020.
  • Passengers will arrive through the 2nd level lobby of Terminal 3, on the west end, near the restaurants.
  • The project will generate 1,954 jobs in the Phoenix area, in addition to the 5,961 jobs already generated by Stage 1. An additional 174 jobs will be generated in Pennsylvania through Bombardier.
  • The $240 Million project cost will be funded by passenger facility charges and airport revenues.

The project was originally planned in two stages due to financial constraints, but over the last several years the airport has worked to conserve funds in order to move up the schedule. “We’ve not only tightened our belts more than ever, but increased passenger numbers means more airport revenues are available to fund important projects,” said Aviation Director, Danny Murphy.

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