Air Quality

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Air Quality

air-quality-icon-cs5Goal: Go beyond compliance to improve air quality in Maricopa County:

  • Developed the PHX Sky Train® connection to Valley Metro Rail
  • Provides passenger pick up Cell Phone Waiting Lots
  • Equipped parking garages with line-skipping Express Pay
  • Has Automated Vehicle Identification control of ground transportation fleets
  • Established alternative fuels/clean vehicle standards for ground transportation services, such as airport-based taxi and shared ride van   
  • Coordinates the Maricopa County RideShare program for airport employees


air-quality-icon-cs5To reduce emissions from tenant operations:

  • Policies have been established with the airlines for one-engine ground taxi procedures
  • Airport-provided ground power and air at passenger loading bridges
  • Developed electric charging stations and partnered with Terminal 4 airlines to replace 65 diesel bag tugs with zero emissions models


air-quality-icon-cs5The Aviation Department Sustainability Management Plan outlines additional actions to protect local air quality:

  • Continue to upgrade airport-owned fleet, equipment and emergency generators to the latest clean vehicle standards.
PHX Sky Train
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